I’m not sure whether anyone ever reads my blog but if you are and you’re looking for a dog to be drawn please get in touch for prices blah blah blah. Below is a photograph of a charcoal drawing I did of my granny’s dog for her birthday 


For the upcoming show I have chosen these object to be arranged. They have different visual qualities. There is evident pressure and stress put on the materials yet they have come to exist in the forms seen and wont stretch more. It would be interesting to prop the painting up inside the standing work to remove it from the obvious ways of hanging paintings.

Cullinan and Richards

Art duo Cullinan and Richards came to speak at chelsea last year. I was thinking back to it recently as they tried to blur the boundaries between art and non art by leaving their used paint pots and dust sheets on the floor to be exhibited.


Filled an turned outside stitched up bag with plaster. Interesting stretch against the black thread but the object as a whole wasn’t hugely effective as it looked like something you could find on a construction site. The shape was quite vulvic.